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Vegan is too expensive! 5 Tips to Cut Cost Asap!

Vegan is too expensive! 5 Tips to Cut Cost Asap!

I am sure you've heard going Vegan or Eating Healthy is Expensive. You've been to WholeFoods and have gotten a bit discouraged because you can't afford to drive further away from home or spend WholeFoods money. Going Vegan does not have to break your pockets.

I'm you you want to figure out a way to save money, enjoy food and make it a lasting lifestyle. I have some tips to help you start to make a dent in the cost and over the next few days I'll be breaking them all down. Bit by bit!

Here are 5 Essential Tips to Save Money while Vegan.

  1. PLAN, PLAN, PLAN - If you don't plan you plan to go broke lol. But seriously! Planning your meals and writing out your grocery list is an essential each week. This way you can consciously decide on meals with overlapping ingredients. You can reuse or repurpose food you already have at home to cut cost. You'll be able to search for sales based on your list and take advantage of coupons as well.
  2. SHOP, SHOP, SHOP - Where you decide to shop makes a major difference. Here in DC, Giant and Aldi's is drastically different. If I get the same food from Giant that I could get from Aldi's I am sure to spend $200 more than what I spent in Aldi's. Shop your bulk stores like Costco or Sams, the FARMERS MARKETS is the literal best place to buy produce, try International or Amish markets and when shopping at traditional stores look for sales.
  3. BULK, BULK, BULK - Buy thing like rice, potatoes, flour, beans, nuts, seeds in bulk. This can save lots of money. Typically a small bag of black rice in the grocery store cost me $4.69, in a bulk store I can get a large bag for $11 that last me for months vs. a few weeks.
  4. ONE POT - One pot meal are not just going to save you time but money too. I can typically make my One Pot Pasta for 5 people, myself and my 4 daughters for about $15 dollars. Sounds like a heck of a deal write. Need one pot meals? Grab 21 recipes for $17.
  5. KNOW YOUR BUDGET - A lot of people say it's expensive but they have no idea what they truly spend in comparison to their normal grocery bill or what the cost per meal is. They typically are just falling in the "it's too expensive trap". You need to decide on a budget that you would like to stay within, use the tips above and actually stick to the budget. Not buying thing you really don't need and not going into a situation blind.

I use to spend $400 in one grocery store run just buying things willy nilly, geesh. In a 12 days and sometimes less we would have ate up everything. Mostly junk food with no really food and I will end of buying us actual food out. Sad but true. Now I spend $100 a week and some times less.

Would you like to learn how?

  1. To save money on your groceries
  2. To plan your meals and grocery list
  3. To create a budget and calculate the cost per meal
  4. To get a 30 Day Meal Plan between $50-$100 per week
  5. To transition without breaking the bank

I am hosting the Vegan On a Budget Meal Plan and Master Class June 3rd. You can now register for the class for $47 vs. $97.

Register here!

Buying in Bulk!

Buying in Bulk!

Vegan Meal Prep Ideas

Vegan Meal Prep Ideas