Life Changing Vegan Cooking

Spice up your vegan dishes, gain confidence in the kitchen and make veganism long term in just 6 weeks.

Let’s be real honest. No one want to eat bland boring food, no matter how disciplined they are. Even after being vegan for 3 year’s I still have to keep it fun and exciting. How do I do this? By getting creative in the kitchen.

I know you are thinking but Nicole, I can’t get creative because I am still just trying to get the basics.


Well, what if I told you I could:

  • Teach you the basics, of vegan cooking.

  • Get 7 amazingly fun and delicious recipes under your belt, that everyone including your non-vegan family members will enjoy.

  • Have you cooking like a level 10 Vegan Chief in just 6 weeks.

  • Help you to become so confident that you actually start getting creative all on your own.

  • All while helping you to Go Fully Vegan in just 6 weeks.

Would that make you even more excited about the transition? or Help you to feel more confident that you could actually go vegan long term?

I am positive that once you’ve learned how to cook these 7 recipes, learned the basics of vegan cooking, had time to experiment with me live and you have gotten all your questions answered, YOU WILL NEVER SECOND GUESS STAYING VEGAN!

Yes, sounds like a bold statement but I have coached enough people to know that Once You've Got it, You've Got it and they haven’t gone back.

Let me ask you a question or two:

  • Would going vegan or staying vegan change your health for the better?

  • Would being more confident in the kitchen help you to be more consistent in meal prepping?

  • Would your family maybe follow in your healthy vegan footsteps, if you could make them some vegan options that they would love?

  • Would you like to be the one who breaks the cycles of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease in your family..?

If so then joining the Vegan Cooking Course, will change your life literally!

So how do you get started and what’s included in this course:


Part #1

Step-by-step live video chats to help you cook each meal along side me.

I’m so literal, detailed, and thorough with my instructions and recipes. There’s little room for f* ups or mishaps. 

You show up for the live and you level up in the kitchen, it’s that simple. I'm here supporting you every step of the way.



Part #2

24/7 support in our private community of Vegans.

Find a partner and also have our group leaders for support.

 Connect with accountability partners in different stages of veganism.

 Learn easy hacks and new recipes from other members of the group.


Part #3

Group Coaching & Live Q&A to get your questions answered LIVE and workshops for hacks.

Getting stuck? Join me on our group live calls --We will get in the kitchen and figure it out together.
Celebrate your cooking wins from the week! You'll love the supportive community of other vegans (vets and newbies).
Receive tailored support during our weekly LIVE group Q&A calls. I'm 100% dedicated to making sure you succeed in going Vegan and staying Vegan.

Here are a few recipes we will cover:

  • Homemade Vegan Chili
  • Homemade Pulled Jackfruit 
  • Homemade Chi’k and Waffles
  • Homemade Chi’k Pot Pies
  • Homemade Vegan Mac&Cheese
  • Homemade Vegan Pizza
  • Homemade Stir Fry & Lomein
  • Did I mention: These will be the Live Cooking Recipes, not to mention the pre-recorded vegan dessert and breakfast cooking classes I will be posting. Yayyy…

Ok it’s time for you to click the purchase button and get in NOW.

We begin August 19th. 

  • You will have lifetime access to the group and recipes.
  • Each week recipes and grocery list will go out via email and in the group.
  • You will receive access to the group and our very first recipes w/ grocery list - August 15th.
  • All details for our first cooking class will be in that group



Ready to get cooking with Vegan Mom?


You are going to love every dish.

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Have any questions? Email


  1. Will the recipes be soy, gluten or nut free? Most recipes are free of all of the above. Small adjustments can be made to make these recipes conducive to your sensitivities. Just let us know and we can provide substitutes.
  2. Will the cooking classes be recorded if we miss them live? Yes, they will. The replays will be up and you will still be able to ask questions within the group or on our Q&A calls.
  3. Will the recipes be affordable? Recipes may coast between $25 and $40 based on the serving size, what you already have in your fridge or pantry and what store you purchase ingredients from.
  4. Will I have to purchase ingredients from from Speciality Stores? Absolutely Not, I am going to teach you how to shop your local store and find everything you need.
  5. Will substitutes be given if I am allergic or just not into the ingredients? Yes, I will take all allergies in to consideration but I would ask that if you don't have an allergy to not knock it into you try it.

Any further questions can be sent to:

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