Vegan'ish - The 6 week program to help you start your health journey with a vegan twist.

Vegan'ish - The 6 week program to help you start your health journey with a vegan twist.


You've been teeter tottering with the idea of becoming a full vegan but you know for a fact you'd love to incorporate parts of the vegan diet to become a healthier you.

You've seen the possibilities of what the vegan lifestyle can do for your health, your energy, your body, your confidence, your skin and even for the planet, so you want in on the benefits. 

You aren't ready to go full vegan but you aren't opposed to the idea, so you would like to ease your way in while learning the ropes so that you can live healthier, longer and overall better. 

You want to not only be informed but actively start working on your health!

You'd love to dig beneath the surface and learn more about the lifestyle, like:

  • How to make small adjustments to your daily eating habits to maximize your health?
  • How to use certain herbs and foods to heal the body of ailments that you may have had challenges with?
  • How to practically incorporate more plant-based/vegan meals in your daily lifestyle?
  • How to reduce, minimize and prevent the risk of disease, for yourself and your family?
  • How your body responds to food and communicates with food to increase energy, eliminate toxins and get the most nutrients from what you eat?
  • What to eat, when to eat it, what brands to buy, simple recipes and more.

Yes, you are ready to TAKE BACK YOUR LIFE, by educating yourself along with putting what you will learn into action with a challenge + weekly seminar. 

Is that exactly what you desire? To make some changes so that you can LIVE? 

You are tired of being literally sick and tired! You realize that you have been destroying yourself partially because of your lack of knowledge and partially because of your need for accountability to stay on track.

You need: 

  • A support system: People around you who also want to live healthier and are living healthier daily.
  • Simple meal plans to follow so that you can be prepared for success.
  • You need daily encouragement to stay focused.

Guess what else? You deserve it.

Here's your chance to join in starting March 25th to get what you need!

What's included:

  • Weekly meal plans and grocery list that include vegan and plant-based meals along with flexible lean meat options as well.
  • A virtual support group using group me for daily interaction with "Vegan Mom" and others.
  • One weekly seminar focused on teachings based on the topics listed above.
  • One weekly live Q&A to answer any questions you may have throughout the learning process.
  • One weekly cooking session, showing you the best ways to prepare your food to get the most nutrients, minerals and life from what you eat.
  • Private access to "Vegan Mom" via email and group chat.

This is a small group program that will only include 20 people. First come first served, registration closes once full.

All Materials will be sent via email on March 23rd to the email provided at checkout. All materials are digital downloads. 

Group Begins March 25th and will last for 6 weeks. 


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