Vegan Transition Challenge - Begins August 5th 2018 price increase to $97 - August 3rd

Vegan Transition Challenge - Begins August 5th 2018 price increase to $97 - August 3rd


Eliminate the Fear and Confusion of Including Veganism in your every day lifestyle.

Let’s be honest. You haven’t made the best health decisions of the last few years but Veganism has actually sparked your attention. You've found yourself alway's tired, unable to focus, not getting your best sleep, struggling with disease and aliments and unable to stay on track in your health journey. You've started but keeping the lifestyle consistent has been a struggle. You’re fed up and want to change your diet so you can be an example for your family by being healthy for them and yourself. Problem is, you have no idea where to begin or how to actually stay consistent. You are ready to live a lifestyle that will result in increased energy, brain clarity, a boost in confidence, improved sleep and over all better health.

Let’s take the next 6 weeks to help you conquer the cravings, renew your mind to vegan possibilities and help to break bad habits.

The truth is…the problem isn’t the lifestyle change, it’s your indecision. Each day that you remain confused, you continue to make the wrong choices and your health is declining. You continue to feel unattractive, your social life isn’t what it used to be, and now your family is mirroring your bad habits. I know you’re ready to stop struggling with your health. You’re ready to have the knowledge and discipline to transition to true healthy living as more than just a diet but a lifestyle.

Here's what you'll learn: 

6 weeks to Vegan -

  • Week 1: Overcoming Dairy - understanding calcium and alternatives for dairy

  • Week 2: Overcoming Meat - finding protein and substance in other sources

  • Week 3: Conquering Sugar Addictions - understanding added sugar and high fructose corn syrup

  • Week 4: Eating Whole Foods - decreasing processed food consumption

  • Week 5: Tackling your hygiene products, cleaning supplies, clothing and more…

  • Week 6: Meal Prepping, Cooking and Tutorials

Here's what's included:

  • Online Accountability Group for 6 weeks

  • Simple Weekly Meal Plans w/Grocery List 

  • Weekly Vegan Recipes + Cooking Tutorials 

  • Weekly Live Q&A with in our Facebook Accountability Group 

  • The Go Vegan Printable Journal

  • The Juice and Smoothie Guides with Recipes 

  • The Vegan Snack Guide with healthy ideas and recipes

  • Tons of new recipes posted right on our accountability group

If you are ready to make veganism a long term lifestyle choices than this group program will help you do just that. If you are interested in a little one on one help then you can also reach out to me to upgrade to a Elite space once you have joined.

Simply Email: - Subject Line - Elite Program.

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