Rebirth Reshaping Garment

Rebirth Reshaping Garment

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I am excited to bring you a garment that not only makes you look amazing but actually feels amazing on. Yes, it actually feels good wearing it. It’s the only garment you won’t want to rush home to snatch off. In fact its the only garment I’ve actually ever wanted to wear.

What are the benefit of this amazing garment?

  1. Lifts the Bust

  2. Flatten the stomach with our smoothing panel

  3. Defines the waist

  4. Slenderizes the highs and thighs

  5. Shapes and lift the buttocks

  6. Satin panel on the inner thigh to prevent rubbing and friction

  7. Easy access flip for the bathroom

    IMPORTANT INFORMATION: once your order has been placed we will speak via phone to get your measurements for proper sizing. Garments are made according to your measurements. Please provide a valid phone number at check out.

Length Differences based on leg length:

  1. The Short Garment - is for your short dresses for example or if you were actually wearing shorts.

  2. The Medium Garment - is for your longer dresses that come right above the knee or just below. Great with pants or jeans we well.

  3. The Long Garment - is for your dresses the come down to the ankle and your long pants.

    All garment otherwise are made the same the only difference is the leg length. Choose your leg length above.

Style - Leg Length:
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