Juice Challenge Meal Plan - Self Guided Challenge

Juice Challenge Meal Plan - Self Guided Challenge


Do you need a full detox? Tired of feeling lethargic or like food is in control?  Our 21 Day Challenge is just what you need.. For 21 days you will give your body just what it needs to thrive and reset itself. The juice plan consist of 3 weeks of juicing until dinner. Dinner meals don’t include meat, suitable for vegetarians/vegans but will be excellent as a reset for non-vegans as well..Who needs help getting started in this juicing lifestyle?

  • Need more energy?

  • Clearer Skin?

  • Want to increase fruit and veggie intake?

Want to do a 21 Day Juice Challenge?

You’ll receive:

  • 21 Juice Recipes

  • Weekly grocery list

  • Vegan Dinner Recipes

  • Snack recommendations included

You can do the challenge with a juicer or blender - recommend a juicer however which is less work and clean up.

Juicer Recommendations:

Breville and Omega brand juicers are great.

also check out mason jars and meal prep containers here!

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