How I loss 100 lbs in 9 months by Going Vegan? - The Breakdown

How I loss 100 lbs in 9 months by Going Vegan? - The Breakdown


So many have struggled with their weight for years. One of those someones was me! I went up and down. Struggling year after year. Yoyo dieting and looking for a quick fix and it did exactly what it was advertised to do. It fixed it for a quick second but nothing stuck because it had not become a lifestyle for me.

I would find myself gaining every pound back and after giving up totally on losing weight, becoming depressed and eating my way through it. I hit an all time high in my weight of 305 pounds. I really could not believe that I had gained so much.

I got literally sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I was always….

  • without energy

  • unable to sleep well

  • always tired and wanting to lay down

  • unable to take a flight of stairs without gasping for air

  • growing out of all of my clothing

  • unable to really focus as much as I would like

  • suffering from high blood pressure, migraines and asthma attacks

As a result I become very unhappy with myself. I became more depressed and the weight began to consume all my confidence and create a life that I never imagined living.

I decided to do something DRASTIC, “desperate times call for desperate measures”, right? So I went vegan “cold turkey”!

Would you like to know how…

  • I got started on my vegan journey?

  • What my eating habits were like?

  • What I actually ate during my journey?

  • How I managed cravings and my appetite?

  • What my exercise regimen was?

  • How you can implement a vegan lifestyle to heal your body, lose the weight and keep it off?

My greatest accomplishment has been keeping off every pound for almost 2 years now! Would you like the answer to all these questions and more?

If so join me for this amazing Class! September 22nd, 1pm est. This class will be recorder and you will receive the recording along with being able to join live.

Class includes:

  • 1 hour live class

  • 30 minute live Q&A

  • Full replay

  • Vegan Weight-loss Meal plan

  • Go Vegan printable Journal

  • 15 minute call with me to discuss any personal weight-loss hurdles

All materials will be sent to your email address provided at check out on September 19th. Please double check your email address at checkout.

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