21 lbs in 21 Days Summer Edition - Early Bird Price $47 vs. $97

21 lbs in 21 Days Summer Edition - Early Bird Price $47 vs. $97


Do you have a blender or juicer that's just sitting there collecting dust?
Are you eager to try out some tasty new recipes?
Do you have 20 or more lbs to lose and looking for a jump start for the summer?
Do you want more energy, clearer skin, and to sleep like a baby?

You do?

Great, I want you in the 21 lbs in 21 Days program! 
For 21 days you will drink delicious smoothies or juices all day then enjoy a balanced dinner of protein and veggies to stoke your metabolism and help you shed weight easily! 
All recipes, exercise recommendations, daily emails and grocery lists are provided.

This plan includes:

Weekly Meal Plans with Recipes and Grocery List

(The Meal plan is based on 2 tasty smoothies, and then a protein/veggie meal).

Summer is here and alot us till aren’t ready! What do you have to lose besides the unwanted weight? 

We begin this challenge July 21st, plenty of time to go grocery shopping, and get to work!

Join the free group me for support along the way! 

Get started in the 21 Days of Wellness Plan that will help you create healthy habits to reach your ideal weight, increase energy and maximize self-care.

Grab 1 of the 50 Spots Available.

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