Customize Your Vegan Transition


Customized to fit your lifestyle so you can succeed


I know it's time to transition... but!

Between the google searches, conflicting information, anxiety of getting started and fear of even entering the grocery store, "I have no clue where to begin"! I know that the next step towards a healthier new me is to embark upon this vegan journey but I just need some support in getting started.

Does that sound familiar?

  • You've started your health journey before but because you struggled, gave into temptation and quit - you feel like you "failed" so you are nervous to give it another try. 
  • You already have a very busy lifestyle and don't quite see how you can work around just picking up your normal take out on the way home.
  • You have a fear of having to giving up all the foods you love to just eat salads and wish there was a way to personalize your meals to fit your taste buds.
  • You really feel like if you only had some support, guidance and maybe even some accountability you could really stay consistent this time and make veganism a lifestyle.
  • If only you had someone to tell you exactly what to buy, make a meal plan specifically customized for you, help you to clean out your cabinets and refrigerator plus hold you accountable to weekly meal prep. Like a Fairy Vegan Mother.  You would be successful in your transition.  



Introducing the Customized Vegan Transition

The customized coaching program for those who are busy, ready to make a healthy lifestyle change, and live healthier. Those ready to take their health back with a tailored program that fits their lifestyle.

Lets Get Healthy!

Below is an Overview of the Service: 

  1. Complete a short questionnaire so we can get started on planning an effective strategy for your transition that will suit who your are, your lifestyle and your needs. 
  2. After completing the questionnaire you will be provided with several flexible times to schedule our initial Skype call. This will map your 6 week plan based on the responses of your questionnaire.
  3. Your entire plan will be customized: from meals, to prep days, grocery store brands, exercise and more.  

The truth is you deserve to have a body you love, the energy you need and the health that causes you to thrive. 

Are you ready?


Angie Squire 

Thanks Nicole Bourn I couldn't have done it without you. Imagine walking with neck and back pain with muscle spasms in back and buttocks and now they are gone. Not only have you helped me lose over 30lbs but you've helped me regain confidence I loss. I am off my iron pills, my vitamin D is where it needs to be and I am off my high blood pressure medications. I'm grateful for all that we have accomplished together. -Angie


6 Week Program 

Customized So That You Can Succeed:

1. Skype Purge Session - Clean out the cabinets and refrigerator. Determine what stays and what you give away.

2. Weekly customized meal plans based on simple meals, that you and your family will love.

3. Complete Grocery List sent to you weekly with your custom meal plan.

4. 3 Coaching Calls to help to revamp your mindset as it relates to health, consistency and lifestyle choices.

5 Access to be via phone and email whenever you need throughout your 6 week journey.

6. Live Meal Prepping together for accountability and cooking tips.