Hello, my name is Nicole Bourn. 

(Founder of The Success Mom Army and  I AM THE BRAND)


The Success Mom Army, is a self-care initiative. Our goal is to empower women to recognize that they are their most value asset, to see that they are their brand! We help to inspire women to take a real self evaluation, decide what they want in life and make a conscious effort to acquire that desire. We begin by taking a look within and addressing the lack of self-care, self-love, self-worth and the ultimate self-sacrifice that has caused us as women to neglect our well being. My goal is to equip these women with the necessary tool, practical application and support to recreate and redesign their lives from the inside out with my help.

My desire is to see other women living in their full potential and truly experiencing fulfillment and joy! Breaking free from the past and the current traumas they face day to day of feeling unfulfilled, unhappy and broken. I will help women to break free from the bondage of self-hate, guilt, shame, unworthiness and hurt from the past that is holding them hostage from walking into complete, purpose, fulfillment and destiny. I will share from a place of KNOWING THE STRUGGLE, living through it and overcoming it!

With my help these women will experience what it feels like to be FREE. They will know liberation and never live in bondage another day in their lives. They will experience, lasting life transformation in every area of their lives.They will become The Successful Women of their desire!